Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Donald Trump and the Hate Contingent

Donald Trump is a racist, xenophobic bigot; but so is one third of the Republican Party. Donald Trump has said disgusting things about women. Donald Trump has supported a black lives matter protest of being beaten up at one of his rallies. Donald Trump has made unbelievably racist comments about Mexicans being rapists and murderers. Donald Trump has mocked the physical impairment of a disabled reporter. With outrageous comments that are reminiscent of America from 50 years ago Donald Trump has received a surge in the polls at every turn. Now we have Trump lambasting all Muslims as terrorists. He would ban all Muslims from entering the country. He would place all Muslim Americans unders surveillance. Really America, what's next?.. Concentration camps for whatever ethnic or minority group Trump decides to hate next? 

Perhaps a better question would be what is the Republican Party going to do next. Donald Trump has a solid constituency of a about a third of the Republican Party that is just as racist and xenophobic as he is. Sure it's mostly the deep South, but the Republican Party has aligned itself with the racists and the bigots of the South for decades in order to win elections. The hate contingent, as I have dubbed them, has been a reliable voting block for Republicans in recent years. Can the GOP rebuff Trump, the hate contingent, and still have a party left?

Chris Christie has called Trump's recent comments 'ridiculous'.  Jeb Bush recently regarded Trump as 'unhinged'. Lindsey Graham called out Trump on CNN's New Day as a 'religious bigot' who should 'go to hell'. Paul Ryan joined the chorus against Trump, saying his comments 'are not who we are as a party'. Really? Just his Muslim comments? What about his well documented comments on Blacks, Jews, women, and Hispanics? The GOP is at war with itself; and I'm not sure which side is going to win.