Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Donald Trump is a GOP wrecking ball

Donald Trump is a GOP wrecking ball. Armed with a pocket full of cash and a mouth full of Fox News talking points, the pseudo-populist has run away with the GOP base. His anecdotal, GOP dogma is plucked right from the Fox air waves and the Rush radio transmissions; and it's irresistible to GOP base voters who are particularly predisposed to 'facts' that match their idealogical world view.
To those of us paying attention, there is no mystery why Trump was climbing in the poles. It's the same reason why Fox News is atop the ratings. His musings sound sweet to the ears of the neo-confederate GOPers who are extremely uncomfortable with the progress of the last 50 years in the United States. The voters to whom Trump speaks aren't particularly religious. They aren't fiscally conservative. These are people who are alarmed by the idea of a Black President. Obama can't possibly be competent to them. The base voters consisting largely of middle and lower income whites, find the idea of minorities living high on the hog from minimum wage and welfare objectionable--even if it's not true. The browning of America and influx of Hispanic immigrants represent a threat to their concept of the good ol' U.S. of A. Trump's 'build a wall' rhetoric hits home for these folks. It's as if Fox News and Rush Limbaugh had a baby that decided to run for office.

Pair the base predilections with Trump's brand of bravado and reality TV media presence, and we have one hell of a GOP candidate. Trump's message: "I'm rich. I'm smart. I'm never wrong. I'm not a bigot, I'm just not PC." It's scoring home runs, and he has laid waste to "establishment" candidates.
Trump on Bush: he's "weak on immigration"
Trump on Graham: he's an "idiot" and "a stiff"
Trump on McCain: he's "totally about open borders" and "I like people who weren't captured"
Trump on Perry: "He's got the glasses"
Trump on Rubio: he's "weak on immigration" and "weak on jobs"
The Democrats couldn't pay for this kind of negative GOP press. The only thing better would be if he manages to hang in there long enough for the first debate and hurl insults at the other contenders on national TV for an hour. Did Trump slip up by insulting McCain's service and war record. Perhaps, but even that is debatable. If anything, his recent comments may unite the other contenders for a combined attack; but even then, Ted Cruz is lurking in the shadows to pick up his leavings. It's all very interesting, and hilarious. As 2016's Ross Perot, Trump is poised to wreak enough havoc to send a severely handicapped GOP representative to battle the Democratic nominee. In my view, the only thing that could possibly trip up Trump in a major way is if he lies on the federal disclosure form. We all know how he likes to exaggerate his net worth. Personally, I hope he hangs in there for the debates so America can here loudly what the GOP base really thinks and how repugnant it is in the light of day. I suppose we'll all just have to wait and see; but I'm just the average Black man, and that's my 2cts.